Blackfords Limoncello

Welcome to Blackfords, the home of fine foods and delicious drinks.

We make luxurious Limoncello, Grapefruitcello, Blackberry Liqueur and terribly tasty cordial, curd and marmalade.  Our fabulous French dressing is a favourite too.

Great for food lovers everywhere!


Blackfords Limoncello

Homemade in The Cotswolds




Add to sparkling wine!



Lemon Cordial

Providing ultimate refreshment!



Blackfords Limoncello

Add to spakeling wine!



Lemon Curd

A seriously lemony treat!



Blackberry Liqueur

Make a Crème de Mûres Kir!


Made in The Cotswolds

Food is very much the centre of our family life. My range was created from the foods and drinks I have always made for my food-mad family and friends. BLACKFORDS grew in my kitchen in a small village on the edge of the Cotswolds where I live, using the best local ingredients whenever possible.

The company

I created BLACKFORDS so you could enjoy the best of what we love to eat & drink. These are my life essentials, & I have great pleasure in sharing them with you, to share with your friends & family.

The products

My Limoncello comes from a recipe I was given when my husband was working in Italy. It makes frequent appearances at the end of a good dinner and is always on friends’ wish lists for Christmas.


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News and Recipies

BLACKFORDS Limoncello really comes into its own in the summer. Drizzle it over some strawberries and ice cream to make a delicious pudding. Add it to a lemon trifle or make some ice cream…

“Great Limoncello!”

– Mateo from Puglia.

“Disaster, we’re out of BLACKFORDS relish”

– Helen from Calne.


“It’s wonderful”

– Demijohn, Edinburgh.


“Mama mia, this is the real deal and I should know”

– Theo at Paggliaccios